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How to make the text larger in Internet Explorer 7 for Windows

Step 1: Change the text size in Internet Explorer 7

Step 2: Set your preferred text size for all web pages you visit

Change your colours in Internet Explorer 7

Step 1: Open the 'Accessibility' window

Step 2: Use your Windows colour scheme in Internet Explorer

Step 3: Choose your colours just for Internet Explorer

How to make the text larger in Chrome for Windows

Step 1: Change the entire web page in Chrome

Enabling High Contract Mode in Google Chrome (Using Chrome Browser Extensions)

Step 1: Install ‘High Contrast’ web extension

How to magnify your screen

Step 1: Use Magnifier now

Step 2: Set Magnifier to start every time

Step 3: Change how Magnifier appears on your screen

Step 4: Tell Magnifier where to focus

Step 5: Change the size of the magnifier lens

Step 6: Keyboard shortcuts in Magnifier

How to make your computer speak text aloud in Windows 7

Step 1: Turn on and customise Narrator

Step 2: Set Narrator to start every time

Step 3: Tell Narrator what to read

Step 4: Keyboard shortcuts in Narrator

Make the mouse pointer larger

Step 1: Open the 'Ease of Access Center' window

Step 2: Choose a mouse pointer size and colour


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